Venerable Lobsang Tendar

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A Brief History

Lama Tendar was born in the Kham district, Eastern Tibet and became a monk at the age of twelve at Dego Somdupling Monastery in the Mahayana tradition. In Lhasa, Lama Tendar studied at Gyuto Ramoche Monastery for seven years, learning the ancient art of Tibetan tantric chanting, prayer and meditation.

Lama Tendar later attended the Tenzin Gang Gyuto monastery and studied at the Gyuto Tantric University for a further 14 years. It was here that he qualified as a teacher of sacred Buddhist art.

In 2000, Lama Tendar commenced traveling to various European countries as Chant Master with the Gyuto monks. Lama Tendar came to Australia for the first time in 2001, traveling extensively with the Gyuto monks, chanting, making sand mandalas, butter sculptures and teaching deep meditation.

Returning to Australia in 2003, Lama Tendar became an Australian citizen in June 2005 and now resides in Melbourne, teaching meditation, Tibetan language, sacred art and chant at the Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre.

Lama Tendar regularly travels around Australia to teach meditation and healing at various centres and retreats, performing blessings, sacred rituals and Buddhist ceremonies and also participating in community cultural programs.

Known for his Tibetan Buddhist healing qualities, and beautiful harmonic chanting, he has benefited numberless beings in Australia and abroad. Lama Tendar has dedicated his life to serving others and since his arrival in Australia, he has worked tirelessly to achieve his goals. In doing so, he is emulating the “way of a Bodhisattva.”

Lama Tendar had the great honour of being chosen to be the Head Chant Master for His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s teachings in the Blue Mountains in June 2015.


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Tibetan Children's Fund

If you would like to support Lama Tendar’s new centre with a donation or would like to contribute in anyway, it would be very much appreciated.

All proceeds from, healings, retreats, workshops, and tours go towards providing food, medicine, education, and shelter for Tibetan Children.

Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre

Lama Tendar wishes to invite everyone to come and see the new Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre at 132 Kars Street in Franskton South.

It is Tendar's intention that many people will benefit from the centre over the coming years. The centre is brand new, so we are starting with very little, apart from the beautiful Medicine Buddha Statue recently arrived from Nepal and some Thankga’s.

Since 2003 Tendar has enjoyed the kindness and hospitality of Father John, residing at the Interfaith Household attached to the Stella Maris Church in Beaumaris, Victoria. From there Tendar has been teaching Meditation, Tibetan language, Tibetan Sacred Art and Chant from the Garden Room.

In early 2010, thanks to the support and generosity of the Sangha, Tendar has finally been able to set up the Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Meditation Centre, which will be a dedicated Tibetan Buddhist centre.

After the house warming held on Friday March 26th, 2010, the whole weekend was dedicated to the filling and consecration of the new Medicine Buddha Statue.

In the Tibetan tradition, holy statues enshrined in monasteries are filled with precious items then blessed in a special ceremony during which the Ultimate Awareness is invited to enter into and merge with the statue. The statue then becomes a living entity capable of bestowing blessings.

If you would like to support Lama Tendar’s new centre with a donation or would like to contribute in anyway, it would be very much appreciated.