Dorothy Szendei

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A Brief History

Dorothy Szendei has been a practitioner of meditation for over 46 years, she was first introduced to meditation by Indian Mahatmas and, many years later, by Buddhist monks and nuns.

Dorothy first met Lama Tendar over 11 years ago and requested him to be her teacher in Tibetan Buddhism, he kindly agreed. From that time, Dorothy has received many teachings, Empowerments and Initiations from Lama Tendar, as well as studying with him the painting of traditional Tibetan Buddhist Mandalas over the past 10 years.

Dorothy has also made many pilgrimages with Lama Tendar to Nepal, Tibet and India where she had the great pleasure and honour of meeting his teacher and receiving a White Tara Initiation and blessing from Geshe Samten Tharchin, before he passed away. These journeys have been deeply enriching experiences.

Dorothy was one of a small group of people instrumental in the start of Medicine Buddha Tantrayana Centre in Frankston. She works joyfully to realize Lama Tendar’s vision that the Centre may be a place where people may find peace and happiness whilst learning the precious teachings of Buddha.

With Lama Tendar’s support, Dorothy teaches beginner’s meditation and philosophy, a Lam Rim study group and takes Friday night meditation at Medicine Buddha Centre, when Lama Tendar is interstate. She also teaches mindfulness training at a private hospital once a week at alcohol rehabilitation and in 2016 was requested to teach mindfulness to people suffering from ADHD at a private clinic on behalf of Medicine Buddha Centre.

Dorothy finds great joy in studying Buddha Dharma, knowing how much it has enriched her own life, she would like others to benefit also from Buddha’s teachings.


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Tibetan Children's Fund

If you would like to support Lama Tendar’s new centre with a donation or would like to contribute in anyway, it would be very much appreciated.

All proceeds from, healings, retreats, workshops, and tours go towards providing food, medicine, education, and shelter for Tibetan Children.