Tibetan Sound Bath Workshops

Lama Tendar’s monastery in India has a long history in sound healing dating back many centuries to Tibet and is renowned for its teaching in all the sacred arts, including the power of harmonic chanting and mantras as a form of healing.


Sound healing works on the subtle and very subtle bodies bringing about a deep transformation within the physical body, the emotions and mind. Once transformed, Compassion and Wisdom that lies within all beings, starts to develop and this is the basis for all true healing, within oneself and for healing others.


The instruments featured in the sound healing course are gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and cymbals . Lama Tendar will teach students how to use the sacred mantra with bell and dorje that are used in Tibetan Buddhist rituals and introduce people into the power of mantras for healing.


Benefit of healing include reduction of stress and promoting health, balancing chakras, and synchronize vital healing energy. Our workshop focuses on Producing a sense of peace and tranquility through meditation and relaxation. You can expect to clear and purify your mind and body from negative emotions. Calming and centering the mind

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